Reignite Your Marriage By Cutting Through The Communication Barriers


Effectively communicate with your husband so that you feel connected, understood, and appreciated.

This is the only course you’ll need to help you effectively communicate with your husband so that you feel connected, understood, and appreciated. 

In this 5 weeks online program you will learn how to effectively communicate with your husband so that your conversations don’t result in avoidance, blow-ups, or misunderstandings. You will learn how to create a clear path that increases healthy conversations and true connection. 


Before I Tell You all About This 

Life-Changing Course, Let’s Talk About 

Who This Is Really For… 


You’re a Mother and Wife with strong hopes and desires to connect with your husband. You hate to admit that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Your conversations with your husband end up in avoidance or misunderstandings. You desire the confidence to say what you really want to say, you do your best to meet his needs and keep things to yourself. You are ready to reignite your marriage and cut through the communication barriers, tired of living on autopilot, you’re ready for change and eager to step into this new season.

Whether You're... 


  • a Wife who desires acceptance and understanding of each other's differences of opinions.

  • a Wife who wants to learn how to talk to her husband so he won’t be so reactive or bottle up his emotions.

  • a Wife who wants to learn how to communicate in a way that doesn’t result in a blow-up.

  • a Wife who wants to learn how to set boundaries, feel confident and connect with her husband.

  • a Wife who wants to learn how to identify and resolve communication barriers and navigate through an argument. 


You’re right where you need to be and I’m going to tell you how this course will provide you with the tools, support, and inspiration you’ll need to reignite your marriage and cut through the communication barriers.


Reignite Your Marriage and Cut Through the Communication Barriers


Course Start Date:  Monday, May 10, 2021

Enrollment Deadline: Thursday, May 6, 2021


Hello, my name is Veronica Cisneros, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, mother of 3, and married for 21 years.

I help Women transform their marriage, communicate effectively and build confidence. Like you, I also struggled with cutting through the communication barriers. I felt like there was no reason for my husband and I to feel unhappy because we had it all. We just felt disconnected and our conversations were filled with avoidance, kids' hobbies, and schedules. 

I’ve seen plenty of couples in my private practice struggle with similar issues. With my proven strategies and step-by-step skills, I’ve helped hundreds of women reignite their marriage. I want to do the same for you. I will provide you with easy-to-use tips and strategies that have provided my clients with successful results. I am known for helping women step outside of their comfort zones, I don't do bandaids, I only teach life-changing healing methods.

By the end of this course, you will have...


  • Developed an understanding of how your past has impacted your marriage.

  • Nailed down the differences between the way Men & Women Communicate.

  • Implemented a new way to control your emotions and respond vs react

  • Crafted a plan and created a path for true connection with your husband

  • Developed an understanding of your marriage communication barriers and how to set boundaries

  • Established confidence and connection by identifying what you want in life and a clear understanding of how to achieve it.

  • A clear understanding of how to navigate through an argument without self compromise, misunderstandings, or avoidance.

"Honestly, being in community with Veronica, her presence alone is empowering and I’ve seen her over the last couple of days transform the community of women around her. Just being in her presence everybody’s going to walk away with their own individual experience of what they needed her to draw out of them. She is really insightful and really intuned and she can push you as hard as you’re ready to be pushed but she also is really great about being attuned with your boundaries and where you’re not ready to go yet. One of the most impactful things for me was just having a conversation with her where I just felt like I was talking to a friend and she hit on something that I didn’t even know was there and then it resonated so deeply with me. I would highly recommend working with Veronica if you want to have this life that’s Empowered and Unapologetic and brave and bold. She is the vehicle to get you to that place."

- Chrissy, Las Vegas


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"Slowly starting to find me again and I’m proud of who I’m becoming. This is what I didn’t know I needed because the advice is real and practical to implement. Trusting the process is the hardest step but so worth it."

- Sanjuana, California


She was able to empathize with me and connect with the women that I am now, the women I used to be, it was like she saw the women I was going to be before I even got there and called those things out of me. Encouraging me to be my authentic self and not caring about anybody else. Putting myself first is a top priority. Going forward, I am excited and connected with her. 

- Latoya, Texas 

Veronica is the perfect mix between authenticity and skill. I think she has the capacity to not only bring people out but have immediate comfort with her. She also has the capacity to really help people in this way that is different than anyone I’ve ever seen.

- Marisol, Colorado


What’s Inside The Reignite Your Marriage Course


Module 1

Perception is Key

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone through it: I know exactly where most women get stuck. In this module, we take it back to the beginning. We’ll start setting your marriage up for success by helping you identify how your past has impacted your marriage. This is to help you achieve true connection and understanding. You’ll get a clear idea of where your communication barriers stemmed from. Targeting the root of the issue. 

You’re going to have a better understanding of why perception is key and have a clear concise plan to shift your mindset. 

Finally, you’ll have identified the difference between the way men and women communicate. This will be the foundation of your success in this course. You’ll have a clear picture of what you’re working towards throughout the rest of the course.

Module Highlights:

  • Discover how your past has impacted your marriage and navigate through how to break these dysfunctional cycles. This will serve as a guide and increase the connection between you and your husband. This will motivate you and provide the clarity you need to take action.
  • Discover how your perception is key to moving forward. Shifting your mindset and opening up to change. This will allow you to embrace change. Who knew shifting your mindset would simplify everything?
Module 2

Own Your Emotions

In this module, you’ll learn how to identify and control your emotions. You’ll create a path toward connecting with your husband. Finally, you’ll learn how trust and misconceptions impact your marriage. You’ll be provided the tools necessary to break unhealthy habits.

Module Highlights:

  • By Identifying your triggers you will be ahead of the game. Less reactive, less stressed, and more understanding.
  • Discover the power of problem-solving as a couple. Invite your husband to participate and work on the provided pdf sheets.
  • Gain perspective on how trust and misconception play into miscommunication and avoidance.
Module 3

What to say and How to say it

In this module, you’ll learn how to identify your communication barriers, what’s holding you back from communicating with your husband. Lastly, you’ll learn how to navigate through an argument and set healthy boundaries that are respected by your husband.

Module Highlights:

  • Discover how your communication barriers are impacting your marriage and how they are impacting your children. Get a clear understanding of how to address these issues without avoidance.
  • Create a script to help you navigate through arguments. Yes, you get a script that is proven to help you communicate your needs effectively.
  • Set healthy boundaries so that others respect them and they are no longer crossed. Boundaries are essential in all relationships. You will be educated on how to set a boundary and when to do so.
Module 4

Empower Her

In this module, you’ll learn the importance of self-reflection and self-realization. We will discuss parenting and the importance of respecting each other's parenting styles and letting go of control. Confidence is key to receiving love and fostering the relationship. You’ll understand the importance of identifying who you are outside of the roles you play and embrace your true self, unapologetically of course. 

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the role Mom guilt plays in driving disconnection. Mom guilt can take us all down at times and interrupt our flow. It’s time to Empower her!
  • Discover how to share household responsibilities without disappointment.
  • Learn how to feel confident and connected with your husband. Confidence is key in establishing a healthy and strong marriage.
  • Learn how to let go of expectations, discover new ways to meet the family's needs without compromising yourself.
  • 5 steps to implement change and live unapologetically. Embrace your new path.
Module 5

Reignite your Marriage

It's time to celebrate. You are now ready to move forward and create your vision for the future. You are fully prepared to move forward in your marriage with a clear understanding of how to continue this road toward a healthy and strong connection.

Module Highlights:

  • Let’s make this official, map out your plans for the future so you have a clear and concise plan moving forward.


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Reignite Your Marriage, Cut through the Communication Barriers Course 

($1,500 Value)


  • 5 Implementation Modules showing you literally everything you need to know to cut through the communication barriers and reignite your marriage.

  • A complete step by step script to navigate through disagreements and experience true connection.

  • A comprehensive guide to help you and your husband understand the impact of your past so that you don't repeat the same mistakes.

  • A clear and thorough plan to help you and your husband communicate effectively so that you're understood, appreciated, and heard.

You’ll be given access to one module per week so that you have enough time to complete each lesson before moving onto the next module. I do this to respect your time. This will enhance your ability to focus and complete all assigned lessons without feeling overwhelmed.

Plus These Bonuses


Bonus 1

Live Group Q&A's

2 - 30 min Live group Q&A’s to ensure you get your questions answered and can move forward with clarity and confidence. 

(A $297 Value)


Lives will be separated by:

  • 1 women's group coaching Q&A session
  • 1 couples live group coaching session
Bonus 2

Private Facebook Community

An active highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students and Team Empowered to address your needs. 

(A $597 Value)

Bonus 3

Reset Before You Lose It!

How to reset before you lose it a PDF worksheet to help you reset and refuel, preventing overwhelm and stress.

(A $100 Value)

Plus You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

Reignite your Marriage and cut through communication barriers is the most comprehensive step-by-step implementation course for women who are excited and committed to taking their marriage to the next level. 

By the end of the 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first two modules. 

Meaning you’ll have had the opportunity to create a clear path toward connection before making a final commitment. 

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your commitment, simply reach out, show me you’ve put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment. Read the full policy here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still thinking about it?


You should give this course a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following: 

You want your marriage back… like really really badly. 

Whether it's because you want to be on the same page with your husband, reignite your marriage or cut through the communication barriers, you’re fully aware that you don’t have the skills or tools to effectively communicate and connect on your own. 

More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your marriage feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. I hear you when you tell me, “I want to enjoy him and I’m tired of walking on eggshells. I just want to breathe and be excited again about my marriage.” I understand the importance of this change so that you can have honest in-depth healthy conversations. I know you want to feel supported and understood by your husband, no longer avoiding sensitive topics. 

That’s why you’re motivated for change and willing to invest the next five weeks in learning how to communicate and connect effectively. Which will impact your marriage substantially. 

"Can I just say… WOW WOW WOW. We laughed, we cried. We were uncomfortable. We were open. We received words. We resisted change. We learned. There were so many things. All of which there was no judgment. I didn’t know it was possible to have connections with women who I just met. A real bond. 

I want to personally thank you Veronica for giving me the opportunity to grow and understand myself. I love you to bits!"

- Alejandra, California


Join the Waitlist and get my FREE "The 5 Mistakes to Avoid For a Healthy Marriage" guide delivered to your inbox.

I can’t wait for you to join Reignite Your Marriage Course

I am looking forward to guiding you through these next 5 weeks… 

Creating change for Women is my specialty and has literally transformed my life. 

I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to transition from crickets, avoidance, and long days of silence to being flirty and playful, feeling connected, supported, and understood by my husband. 

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today. 

If you’ve been married for a few years or several years and are starting to feel burnout and overwhelmed you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as an effective communicator looks like. 

I want you to experience firsthand what it’s like to connect with your husband again. Where you both feel comfortable and confident in sharing your wants, needs, and goals. I want to help you eliminate the communication barriers and truly reignite your marriage. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 5 weeks will be completely and utterly life-changing for you and your family. 

I can’t wait to personally meet you inside of the “Reignite Your Marriage and Cut Through The Communication Barriers” Course.


Although Veronica Cisneros is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist: This course is in no way a substitute for Therapeutic Services. This course is intended for educational purposes only. This course is not a form of therapy, psychotherapy, or counseling. Please consult with a Therapist, Physician, or Medical professional for any advice or support concerning your current mental & emotional health. Exchange of communication does not constitute a Therapist, Client/Patient Relationship.

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