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I’m a 40-year-old educated, Christian woman with 3 children and have been married for 12 years. My mindset consists of always having my best attitude and achieve everything I put my mind to and of course all on my own. No help was needed because I could handle it at any cost. Unknowingly, this attitude placed me at risk of divorce, taking my frustration out on my kids and leaving self-care on the back burner to the point of having anxiety symptoms. Never had I experienced these feelings and didn’t feel like stress could ever get the best of me. The course literally takes you from a place of frustration and fear of losing your sanity due to your marriage to a step-by-step look at different areas of your life past, present, and future.  It allows you to realize how you and only you are in charge of making serious changes in your life and thus impacts your relationship with your spouse, children, and most importantly your “self.”  I am a better wife with a husband that listens to me with intention. This means I get help when I ask for it and I feel supported. Parenting has improved because I don’t have all the pressure on me. The anxiety symptoms have vanished since I don’t go around trying to prove myself as a good mother, a good wife, and a worthy friend because my value is ME and not on the roles I play. I have the confidence I need to take on new challenges and enjoy my life.


- Sanjuana Saenz, California

"Honestly, being in community with Veronica, her presence alone is empowering and I’ve seen her over the last couple of days transform the community of women around her. Just being in her presence everybody’s going to walk away with their own individual experience of what they needed her to draw out of them. She is really insightful and really intuned and she can push you as hard as you’re ready to be pushed but she also is really great about being attuned with your boundaries and where you’re not ready to go yet. One of the most impactful things for me was just having a conversation with her where I just felt like I was talking to a friend and she hit on something that I didn’t even know was there and then it resonated so deeply with me. I would highly recommend working with Veronica if you want to have this life that’s Empowered and Unapologetic and brave and bold. She is the vehicle to get you to that place."

- Chrissy Lawler, Las Vegas

"Veronica was able to help me see where my loss of power was in my life, and where I was placing blame, even where I was saying I was "experiencing a lack of motivation"! She was able to help me identify things I couldn't see for myself, just by talking it through with me! It was literally like having an intelligent, no BS friend to talk things through with, but to come out of the conversation with power and goals, and even action!! So anyway, if you get this opportunity to try coaching with Veronica, F*ing DO IT!! I promise you won't regret it!!"

- Brigette Soto, California

"You know the feeling you get when you know you are in the ‘right place /with the right person). That’s how I felt when I listened to your video!   

My previous marriage had its fair share of good points BUT at some point, I struggled with ‘radical acceptance’ and couldn’t get out of my own head. Couldn’t fix things and felt like everything was my fault. The list goes on and on. 

My current relationship is 1000% healthier, satisfying, equal, and respectful. 

All of that to say, ‘Thank You’ for helping women everywhere know they aren’t alone and aren’t crazy!  If we want things in our lives to change, we have to make changes in ourselves (aka taking a hard look at ourselves) and let go of the BS that doesn’t serve us well.   

You and your work make a huge difference for many women.  👏 "

- Karen Schwab, Michigan

"Working with Veronica, she has this shortcut to really get you to challenge yourself. Challenging myself to do something different was hard. With her support and guidance and her direct nature, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and show up differently for really the first time. It felt really great."

Marilyn Ashley, California

"Veronica is the perfect mix between authenticity and skill. I think she has the capacity to not only bring people out but have immediate comfort with her. She also has the capacity to really help people in this way that is different than anyone I’ve ever seen. She is able to get to an issue quickly and effectively and help people through that just with her way of being in her knowledge. I think that what I’m always struck by is not only her warmth and her energy and how she exudes joy, what I've experienced with her is her capacity to draw women together and for all of us to have this level of trust and comfort and confidence that I’ve never seen anyone else do. Anyone who wants to be able to have a depth of experience to not only find themselves but to actually experience themselves in a different way. That is the GOLD of Veronica."

Marisol Erlacher, Colorado

"I’m drawn to her personality because she came across as Empowered and Unapologetic. I was changed because even in conversation she was able to tell me about me,  and connect with who I was, without me having to speak it. So automatically, I felt that she understood me as a woman, as a therapist, as a human being. She was able to empathize with me and connect with the women that I am now, the women I used to be, it was like she saw the women I was going to be before I even got there and called those things out of me. Encouraging me to be my authentic self and not caring about anybody else. Putting myself first is a top priority. Going forward, I am excited and connected with her."

Latoya Smith, Texas

“Can I just say… WOW WOW WOW. We laughed, we cried. We were uncomfortable. We were open. We received words. We resisted change. We learned. There were so many things. All of which there was no judgment. I didn’t know it was possible to have connections with women who I just met. A real bond. 

I want to personally thank Veronica for giving me the opportunity to grow and understand myself. I love you to bits!” 

Alejandra Urbanovsky, California