An online workshop to help you reconnect so you no longer feel like roommates.

Led by Licensed Marriage Expert: Veronica Cisneros 


In This 2 Hour Workshop



How to Stop Arguing With Your Partner

“How did I become his Mom? The empty promises just aggravate me so much. He says he will do something or take care of something, then doesn’t.”

 Sound familiar? 

Most of us weren't taught by our Parent's how to have healthy relationships. I will teach you  how to identify your past patterns that are showing up,  and I will provide you with strategies that guarantee you will have a healthy connection again.


How to Reconnect When You Feel Disconnected: Quick Exercises For Busy Couples

“The passion is so low these days that I feel parenthood and other commitments are taking control. I want to feel like it’s me he wants to spend time with.” 

I will help you identify what's standing between you and your husband and provide you with quick exercises to implement right now. Let’s make this easy!!!


How To Build Healthy Communication Habits

"Communication has always been a weak point for us, he says things without thinking. I try to logically work through things and he reacts emotionally. I try to say what I feel in a constructive manner, he takes it personally and attacks me." 

Most of us struggle with having a healthy conversation. We don't know what to say, words are exchanged and then we're left alone, again! I have helped hundreds of women with emotionally unavailable partners. In this workshop you will gain the skills for  how to have a healthy conversation without hurting each other emotionally.


How to Set & Respect Boundaries With Your Partner and Your In-Laws

"My relationship with my in-laws feels damaged. My Partner always supports them and never me. Boundaries are a confusing topic for me because I am a helper. I have this innate need to help anyone I can."

Boundaries are important to build a strong connection and foundation in your relationship. I will teach you how to do this, with confidence and without the guilt.

"Working with Veronica literally takes you from a place of frustration and fear of losing your sanity due to your marriage to a step-by-step look at different areas of your life past, present, and future. It allows you to realize how you and only you are in charge of making serious changes in your life and thus impacts your relationship with your spouse, children, and most importantly yourself."

Sanjuana Saenz, California

"My partner and I just don't connect anymore."

“It’s like a hamster wheel we just can’t seem to get off of.” 

Do you  feel alone and unappreciated in your relationship? Do you  put your family ahead of your own needs and try to avoid conflict as much as possible? Do you not feel loved the way you want to feel loved? Is  the laundry and the dishes get more action than your partner?

Whether you're currently feeling disconnected from your partner or are sick of the blowups. It’s time for change and nothing will change if nothing changes.

As a Therapist, I have worked with alot  of women just like you, ready for change. I provide them with a step-by-step tailored plan to strengthen their relationship and reconnect with their partners.



A Note From Veronica...

Yeah, I get it. I’ve said those words 100 times to my friends after realizing that the man I said “I Do” to wasn’t the same person- or was I just imagining it??

But here is what I finally realized (that changed things for me almost overnight). I started to use 4 SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE steps that changed our communication and connection for the better. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I got excited and started showing my clients and, they too were seeing changes, INSTANTLY!
Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 1 year or 15, these tips work and I can’t wait to share them.

Girl, I got you!!! I want to personally invite you to my 2 hour workshop. Let's do this together

Veronica Cisneros, LMFT